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东倫敦宣道會教會為本地福音派並具神學特色的教會 ,本會為 [英國華人宣道聯會] ( 簡稱為 [華宣] ) 之會員.本會宗旨是宣稱耶穌為主 ,在英國擴展祂的教會及支援 [環球宣道會團契] ( 即本會所隸屬組織 ) 推動本土和世界性差傳事工.

宣道會於一八八一年由宣信博士所創立 ,本會是享有盛譽之國際福音派宣教和奮興運動 ,現正在全球五十四個國家中運作.宣道會以推動普世差傳為目標 ,現時差派全職宣教士大約一千二百人在不同國家作植堂事工.[華宣] 為宣道會在英國區之組織 ,於一九九七年成立 ,以推動英國華人宣教事工.當宣道會成立時 ,即用四個標記組成會徽表彰耶穌完備之福音(意即耶穌為救主 ,成聖者 , 醫治者及再來的君王):

– 十字架 — 象徵基督的死作成每個信徒的救恩 ;
– 洗濯盤 — 象徵透過聖靈工作 ,耶穌使我們成聖並從罪中得潔淨 ;
– 油瓶 — 象徵聖靈和醫治 ;
– 冠冕 — 象徵耶穌再來作君王.

East London Alliance Church seeks to be an indigenous evangelical church with a distinctive theological character in federation with the Chinese Alliance Churches Union (UK) (abbreviated to CACU), whose purpose is to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord,  to assist the advance of His Church in Great Britain, and to promote a missionary base for national and worldwide evangelisation in an affiliation with the Alliance World Fellowship.

The C&MA, which was founded in 1881 by Dr. A.B. Simpson is a reputable evangelical international mission and revival movement that operates in 54 countries. Aiming at achieving a global mission,
the C&MA currently deploys about 1,200 full time missionaries to engage in worldwide church
planting ministry. The CACU (UK) as a partner of the C&MA in Great Britain, was founded in 1997 to implement mission work among the Chinese communities in Great Britain. At the beginning of the movement, the C&MA signified its insight of the fourfold Gospel (viz., Jesus Christ is our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King) by the use of an emblem which comprises:

– The Cross — symbolises the sacrifice of Jesus for the redemption of believers;
– The Laver — symbolises the sanctification of Jesus through the Spirit in the believers;
– The Pitcher — symbolises the healing power of Jesus through the Spirit for the believers;
– The Crown — symbolises the expected physical return of Jesus as King and Lord.



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